Weekend Snippets {vol. 6}

Harry Potter!!  Let me just say, there were quite a few movies throughout this series that were disappointing.  This was not one of them.  I don't wanna give too much away for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but it was a fantastic end to the series.  And I cried.  I expected tears but not at this particular moment (trying not to give anything away here!!).  It was so good!!

We headed to Santa Cruz for a weekend hangout with The Boyfriend's sister and bro-in-law.  A little stop at the beach followed by some sugar-eating and roller-coaster-riding at the Boardwalk made for the perfect summer Saturday.  I went a little nuts with the sweets while at the Boardwalk but I'm pretty sure there's a rule that says if you're at a carnival/theme park/circus/boardwalk/etc. you're supposed to indulge in all sorts of sugary goodness.  I was just following the rules!

Part of this sugar goodness included chocolate covered bacon.  Yes, bacon.  With chocolate.  We were skeptical so we just got one piece to share between the four of us.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but I kinda loved it!  I mean, I don't think it'll be my go-to chocolate but if it's offered to me again I can't promise I'll say no.  :)

If you have the chance, I highly recommend a day or two in Santa Cruz.  It's such a fun hippie beach town.  I know you'll love it!

While waiting for a table at brunch, I popped into the thrift store next door just to kill time.  I found a lovely little scarf for just a couple bucks.  Thrifting success!  Can't wait to try it out.  I think it'll be perfect for Marissa's side braid/head scarf combo.

The scarf (it's folded in half but it's actually pretty long), plus some fun at the Boardwalk with pirates and cotton candy.

You can't go wrong with chocolate + salty!

I'm thinking about adding these two Santa Cruz photos to my Etsy shop.  What do you think?



  1. hey stephanie!! i've been on holiday and i'm catching up on posts of all my bloggy friends... you're one of my first stops:) These are wonderful photos... and I saw HP too over the weekend- soo good! i'm so sad it's over.
    oh, and YES those 2 photos should defniltey be added to the shop.

  2. hi stephanie, looks like you had a great weekend. chocolate covered bacon? what they make such a thing! well based on your review if i see it one day i might have to buy it or go one step further and make it myself. that scarf is a great find! meg

  3. i agree- i was SO happy about harry potter. i decided a long time ago that i had to enjoy the books and movies and separate entities . . . but this movie did a pretty fair job! were you sad to see the last one? now that the books AND movies are finishes, i'm feeling a little lonesome!

  4. i love the two photos :) very nostalgic!

  5. i thought HP was amazing too! this was definitely one of the better movies! your weekend sounds amazing! glad it was good :)


  6. Yes, those two photos are great! :) And have you ever tried a bacon maple bar (from Portland's Voodoo Donuts)??? Delicious, I promise.

  7. What a fantastic weekend! Yes, sugary goodness is very justified... vintage scarves are my favorite {I am a bit of a collector}... and YES those Santa Cruz photos must be added! Just lovely :) xoxoxo brynn

  8. Fun weekend...I'm not sure whether I am grossed out or intrigued by the chocolate covered bacon...(c: I went to the midnight showing for HP and it rocked my socks off and I cried too...incidentally so did the *extremely* strange guy sitting next to me...he was actually *sobbing*. A little awkward, actually...(c:


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