How To: Create A Tilt-Shift Effect {part 2}

Yesterday I showed you a pretty straightforward way to create a tilt-shift effect in PhotoShop.  Below are a few more examples of photos I've edited using this technique and some phone apps that also offer tilt-shift effects. 

For the photos of Florence and Venice, I wanted to add a little bit of an aged feeling to the color scheme so I added various filters and made some adjustments to get that honey-colored vintage tone.

For the red umbrella on the beach, I wasn't so much interested in the fake miniature effect as much as emphasizing the red umbrella and the waves coming ashore.  Honestly, I love both the Before and After of this image.

Wanna see the Before Before of the Red Umbrella?  Here's the image straight out of the camera:

If you don't have PhotoShop but still want to experiment with the tilt-shift effect, a number of phone apps offer this option.  Both Little Photo and Vignette (both for droids) have a Tilt-Shift effect option.  The iPhone's Instagram app offers a tilt-shift feature for non-droid users and there's an app called TiltShift Generator available for iPhone and iPad.  The photos below were taken out of either The Boyfriend's apartment window or car window with my camera phone using the Vignette app.

Overall, tilt-shift is a fun technique to play around with and add some pizzazz to your photos.  Some other examples of tilt-shift photography from around the web can be found here.  Hope you have fun trying it out!


  1. Wow! You are really talented. These are great tips - thanks so much for sharing. I love learning everything I can about photography, as I really need to take my camera off of auto! ha

  2. seriously. i so need photoshop back. or an i-phone apparently!

  3. FUN! Love it :) That umbrella trickery is awesome! Nicely done! xoxoxo brynn

  4. These are pretty cute - I love both versions of the red umbrella shot too!

  5. love the tips ! :) I will have to try.

  6. Great lesson. You have a fabulous site!

  7. these are fun tutorials! :) love them, I came across a tilt shift uploader online and it automatically tilt shifts your photo and you can adjust the bokeh. I havn't played with it that much but it's fun :)

  8. Oh I like adding pizazz to my pics! Thanks! Greattt tutorial! I want to try it!

    Janette, the Jongleur


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