Fourth of July Fancies

Happy 4th of July lovelies!  And Happy Birthday America!!

Prepping to leave work for a week is much more stressful than I thought it would be.  Last Thursday and Friday were craaaaazy (yes, 5 A's crazy!), hence the lack of posts recently.  I'm making it up to you with a belated Friday's Fancies for the Fourth.  I'm feeling unusually patriotic this year and I don't know why.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Fourth of July every year.  But for some reason, this year I love America just a little more than usual.  I mean, love.  Like, I-want-to-wear-an-American-flag-dress-all-day-long kind of love!!  I thought this lovely little outfit might be a good compromise to an actual dress made from Old Glory.

1. Emilia Dress
2. Rio Azul Necklace
3. Seychelles 'Arden' Sandals
4. Wide Stripe Bracelet

We leave first thing tomorrow to head to Chicago.  I'm planning on doing some posts from the Windy City but they may not be as frequent as I'd like.  But don't worry, I'll take plenty of photos and have a full update when we return.  Have a great week!!



  1. I think I'm in love. With those sandals!! Aaah, just gorgeous. I need those beauties in my life :)

    I love your love for America, and girl, if you could pull off wearing Old Glory, more power to ya! I'm sure you would look stunning.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday today!

  2. Wow! Great presentation of your themes. Good presentation. Thanks.Beautiful bangladesh

  3. Love the dress. Hope you had a great fourth and enjoy Chicago!

  4. Ooooh gosh i just love that dress!!! <3

  5. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh...that dress is FANTASTIC! I'm adding that straight to my lust list...or maybe just straight to my "put it on a credit card and hide it from the hubby" list (c:

  6. love that dress! and hope you're having such a great time in chicago!

  7. Such a cute outfit! I LOVE that necklace. Hope you had a wonderful 4th!

  8. CUTE outfit! I love the red and white stripes. Perfect for the 4th!
    Would love to see you join my blog crawl today!


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