Weekend Snippets {vol. 4}

Happy Monday!! (I'm not actually that excited it's Monday but, hey - fake it till you make it, right?) :)

Giants game from the Club Box.  Neither of us had ever been up there before so it was quite a treat!  We had amazing views of the game and the Bay, but the best part was going inside when it got too cold.  The Club Box has floor-to-ceiling windows and counters/stools all along the windows.  It was awfully chilly out so we went in, grabbed some hot dogs and garlic fries, and hung out by the windows to watch the Giants win 4-3.  Great views, winning game, and no goose bumps?  Perfect.

We headed over to The Little Cousin's birthday party Saturday afternoon.  She had a great time chowing down on cupcakes and whacking the pinata to her little heart's content.  I had a great time chowing down on BBQ ribs and wine to my little heart's content.  Not a bad Saturday.

Started the day off with a workout (I may have chowed down on a cupcake yesterday, too...) and a nice lunch followed by the biggest macchiato I've ever seen.  We even asked before ordering to make sure it was a traditional macchiato.  Turns out, this cafe's idea of "traditional macchiato" is one that's twice the size of a latte!!  Despite the ginormous beverage, it's still a cute quirky cafe.  I especially liked their name for the bathroom - The Thinking Tank.

The giant macchiato is on the left, my measly little latte on the right...

What about you?  Did you have a lovely weekend, too?  I sure hope so!!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! That is so funny.. the thinking tank. I always call it the office- a place where you do serious work. lol

    I did have a super weekend :) but my legs are soo sore from hiking.

  2. sounds like such a lovely weekend:) Your little cousin is so cute, you captured some great moments in photos too.

  3. ive never seen a game from box seats! fannncy!! :) looks like a great weekend :) xoxo jillian:: stop by! i'm hosting a jewelry giveaway

  4. Wow what an awesome view of the game and water. That's so fun. Your little cousin is a cutie pie =) Good weekend over here filled with 1 year old birthday parties, visiting new churches, and friends over to eat.

    - Sarah

  5. great photos! how cute is that kiddo!

  6. What a great weekend! That little girl is ADORABLE!! Great pics!
    Did you decide on your shoes for the wedding?

  7. Cute little cousin!

    Is that a Confetti System pinata? Fancy!

  8. my weekend was WAY too fast - and i'm seriously craving that cupcake right now - in a MJOR way!!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika at ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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  9. The baseball game sounds like ya'll had a blast, especially without the goosebumps!

  10. mmmmm that hot chocolate looks yummy! glad you had a fun weekend!

  11. Your photos are gorgeous! ((Just found your blog through Lauren...))

  12. I love your weekend :) Looks perfect! Look at you lucky ducks in box seats ;) That little cousin is quite adorable! {and she is making me crave a cupcake!} xoxoxo brynn

  13. Glad you had such a great weekend Stephanie! Love pics of kids eating....with such abandonment.

    p.s. I'm with you. Bathroom sign is cool!


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