Thursday Thoughts - Awkward & Awesome

--I usually take my contacts out right before I shower at night because the steam kinda makes them uncomfortable.  And I don't always put my glasses on right away when I get out of the shower.  Well, apparently I need to because last night I put my underwear on inside out.

--The Fart Heard 'Round the World.  Actually, more like "the fart heard 'round the office."  No, It wasn't me!!  It was the lady who sits in the office directly across from me.  And I mean directly across - like, if I look up from my computer, we make eye contact.  Which makes things really awkward when she decides to let out a loud, juicy, rip-roarin' fart while I'm typing away at my desk.  I could see her look at me out of the corner of my eye and it took every ounce of willpower I had not to bust out laughing.  Because I'm secretly I'm a 10-year old boy and I laugh at farts.

--My AC finally got fixed!  Unfortunately, we had one casualty in The Great Heat Wave of 2011.  My poor basil plant.  Any advice on how to bring it back from the dead?

My dead basil (Please excuse the photo quality - I took it on my phone, almost in the dark!)

--This whole next week!  We're spending the 4th in Sonoma then heading out early Tuesday to Chicago.  I'm so excited for Nikki's wedding.  Almost exactly 11 years ago, we were randomly assigned to be roommates in the dorm.  Neither of us was really sure what to expect but we hit it off the instant we met and have been friends ever since.  Now, over a decade later, I have the honor of being a bridesmaid at her wedding.  Sometimes fate is pretty awesome.

--I've decided to take a new approach to working out.  I'm changing my attitude.  I typically workout because I hate feeling jiggly.  It's almost like a punishment for me.  I ate a lot of junk one day so I go to the gym or I feel a little extra bloated so I go for a run.  The act of exercising is always triggered by something negative.  Well, I've decided to start triggering it by something positive.  I'm trying to focus instead on how good I feel after a workout when heart's pumping, the blood's flowing, and the adrenaline's rushing.  The afterglow is my new motivation.  So far I haven't necessarily worked out more frequently than before but I have wanted to workout more than before and I definitely enjoy it more than before.  It's not easy - and it involves a lot of talking to myself ("You'll like this, Steph. Just do it. It's awesome!").  The new attitude is a work in progress but it's definitely progressing!

--Jessica's Daily Affirmations.  Have you guys seen this video?  I watched it before the bar exam last summer to pump myself up and it's just brilliant.  If only we could all have the positive attitude this little lady has!!

**Couple follow up notes to yesterday's post.  If you're concerned about scratching your lens, I typically keep a UV filter on mine so it's protected from potential scratches when doing the reverse lens technique.  Also, I did some research (a.ka. Googling) and found a filter thread adapter made precisely for this technique!!  I had no idea other people do it, too!  So for under $10, you can get an adapter to actually mount the lens in reverse on your camera instead of just holding up to the camera body.  I seriously wish I'd thought of this.  It's brilliant.  If you're interested, check it out here.


  1. Yikes! Co-workers who fart, that's got to be the worst. Especially if they know you know it was them. And I'm totally a 10-year-old boy as well.

    Yes! I remember seeing that little girl last year and thinking she was amazing. If they could bottle that confidence - man!

  2. Seriously, you are a far more mature person than I am because there is no way that I wouldn't have cracked up laughing if that happened in my office!

    Love your blog! You have a new follower!

  3. No worries about your panties only the best contactless do it too!

    And the 'afterglow' is the motivation I'm having to use too to get to the gym each day! I even cut a girls dinner short last night so I could make sure I could get a quick session before bed, it's working!

  4. oh my goodness, that is too funny about the office "incident." I would have laughed. I know I would have, so good job to you for not!

    And that video is the best thing I've seen all day (granted I'm writing this at 6:55 am, but I've been up for two hours, insomniac style, so that IS saying something)! If only we could all have that girl's attitude!

  5. those are some awkward things indeed! can't really help you with the underwear thing or the fart...BUT, with the basil...i don't have much of a green thumb, but every summer i do grow my own herbs. i find that they are pretty resilient. try this:
    1.remove all dead leaves {they try to suck all of the water, taking it away from any remaining living parts - my brother taught me that one!}
    2. give it plenty of water - into the soil, and give it a good mist!
    3. give it some sunshine
    all this may or may not work depending on just how bad it really is, but it is worth a shot!

    as far as your awesome things go... sounds like a fun weekend line-up! and i love your new workout approach...you have inspired me!!!
    xoxoxo brynn

  6. So funny! The co-worker situation would be quite awkward. Love the awesome happenings :)

  7. Okay wait a second. Some woman ripped one right next to you at work? Good Lord I would have fallen right on the floor in tears. I'm 5 years old when it comes to farts!


  8. I am totally blind with out my contacts and if I get up in the middle of the night with out glasses I run into things and wake up my husband and he says is that you Erika? are running into things? lol so embarrassing!

  9. My workouts are typically triggered by the negative too, but when I went for a run today I just kept thinking about how proud I was of myself for doing it and not thinking about stopping every 2 seconds. I've improved and it makes me happy even though I'm not losing any weight. But I'm trying because lord knows I could stand to!

    And I am very proud of you for not laughing at the fart. I laugh at farts too. A lot.

  10. ahh... these kill me... the farting office mate... my sympathies to that one, but at least you have the will power:)
    and I love your new take on working out, very positive attitude, you're almost at the point of little miss daily affirmations (always loved that video.)

  11. HAHAHA omg the fart story made me laugh out loud. Why do people always fart at the most awkward times? Love that video too - so freaking cute!

    xx sharon / lemonontherocks

  12. hahahaha I SO would have laughed at the fart thing. I'm laughing now and I'm not there, I am kind of picturing Phyllis from The Office! :D No idea on the Basil plant! They love sunlight though!


  13. I am totally jealous of the week in Sonoma, that sounds absolutely lovely! Especially for something great like that (c: And oh-my-freakin-hilarious...that fart story is AWESOME. I think we all have one, personal or otherwise (c: Enjoy your trip!

  14. that farting thing is hilarious because i'm also a 10 year old at heart...what is she thinking! is that a normal occurrence!? hahaha (p.s. i can't keep basil alive for the life of me)

  15. Seriously, your co-worker?! What the...? I wouldn't have been able to hold in the the 12 year old inside of me. I would've laughed. LOL!

    Yay for your friend. Congrats to her!! Hope you have a blast in Sonoma!


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  17. I have been there with the basil. I am afraid you just have to let her go. She's gone to a better place. I find that I have the most luck with basil when it only gets part-sun.

    You had amazing composure with the whole farting situation. I don't know that I would have been able to hold it together myself.

    And I do love this affirmation. What a cutie-patootie!


  18. Ewww! I was having breakfast whilst reading about your co-worker farting! It's still hilarious though even if I wouldn't want to be in close proximity ;-)

    I like your attitude change to exercise, please let me know if it works as I could do with the same...

    Have a lovely weekend xo

    PS: Thanks for your long comment yesterday, "Big" (how funny), I've done a kind of "reply-post" today.

  19. ha, ha, ha....:-)) this post is so funny. I would have laughed too...

    I have the same issues with contact lenses and I've done the same thing with my underwear.

    Congrats on getting the AC fixed.

    And basil plants tend to die quickly. They need a lot of sun, water and attention. I go through basil plants monthly.

    this kid on the video is just too funny!

    have fun in Sonoma! I've always wanted to go there!



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