Thursday Morning Awkward and Awesome

-- My A/C is still broken.  I came home yesterday after work to find the thermostat reading 97 degrees.  Luckily, before I left for work, I set up a little fan blowing towards Molly's cage so she at least had a nice breeze all day.
-- For some reason, the bathroom is the coolest room in the apartment.  Molly discovered this as soon as I let her out of her cage.  Poor thing.  She ran back in there and just kinda laid on the floor.  I've read guinea pigs are susceptible to heat stroke in very warm temperatures so I set her up with a little fan all her own, along with her food dish and water bottle.  Basically, it's guinea pig room service.  She hung out in there pretty much until the sun went down and the other rooms started to cool off. 
-- This heat also makes me not wanna work out.  I haven't done anything since last Friday.  Even though I feel the jiggly bits getting even jigglier, I'm secretly hoping the heat will magically melt the fat away...

-- YOU!!!  I can't believe we've hit triple digits in number of followers!  I started this little blog as my own personal creative outlet - a little something to add some extra joy to my day.  I never thought other people would find it interesting or even enjoyable so it makes me so happy to know you all have found something about it that you enjoy, too!  Thank you for reading along, commenting, indulging my awkwardness, and just being all around awesome! :)
-- Also, this is officially my 300th post!  Huzzah!
-- The Boyfriend and I are going to a Giants game tomorrow!!  This is my first game this season and I can't wait!  I am not that into baseball - in fact, I find it kinda boring to watch on TV - but I LOVE going to baseball games!  When we were little, we used to go to Missions games (the San Antonio minor league team) so going to Giants games reminds me of that I guess.  Except Giants games are like Missions games on steroids.  Tomorrow's adventure is extra special because we're celebrating The Boyfriend's birthday, tool!

Molly's room service

The Boyfriend and I at the last Giants game/birthday celebration (He does not have a mustache, btw, it's just shadowing!).



  1. awww. these are so lovely.
    A great post.
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    Xx Liefs

  2. great post...really cute :)
    btw. nice blog..
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
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  3. i too am hoping the heat will melt the jiggle away! congrats on the triple digits and have fun at the game!

  4. Congrats on the triple digit followers! I just reached that landmark recently too, so exciting!

  5. Your little guinea pig should try living in the UK, nice and cool here - especially for summer ;-) That also means that I live in a climate where I have no hope of the heat melting anything away... Enjoy the game, Love from London xo

  6. Bring Molly for a visit to SLO. =) Nice and cool here (so far!).

  7. I LOVE awkward/awesome posts!! YEAYYYY for hitting over 100 followers! That is a big deal way to go!

    Vintage giveaway XO

  8. congrats....u have a great blog


  9. my ac is broken too! and I have been putting off fixing it. :) Have fun at the giants game! My husband and I always try and catch a Mariners game. aren't baseball games the greatest in the summer time?

  10. "guinea pig room service" really made me laugh :) thanks for brightening my day!!

  11. Hope your ac gets fixed soon - what a bummer!

  12. If only heat melted fat. I would sleep in a sauna!

    Molly is so adorable. I love hearing about her.

    You blog is wonderful:)


  13. Cute picture of you and the bf! Like your blog, would you like to follow each other? love, m.

  14. Congrats on having 100 people love you life. lol. Your blog is so cute :)

  15. Molly could be the luckiest guinea pig alive! .-))


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