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It's 100 degrees today.  It was 104 degrees yesterday.  And something's going on with the AC in my apartment so it's about 86 degrees in my living room.  In fact, it's so hot in my apartment Molly was freaking out trying to get out of her cage.  So I picked her up and held her in front of my little fan.  Normally she hates being held and will nibble on my hands until I put her down but as soon as I stood in front of that fan, she flattened out and laid perfectly still in my arms!  So, yeah ... it's hot.

Despite the heat, I'm still so happy to welcome Summer!!!


  1. Yay for summer! I'm so envious, it's as cold as a bitch down here.

    Aw, poor Molly! Poor love.

  2. helllllo summer and HORRAY for swimming and sunshine. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. When we had the rabbits in our apartment in Chicago, we only had window units. Sometimes, if it was extra hot, we would fill up old juice bottles with water and freeze them. The frozen bottles would go into the cage with the rabbits, and they would snuggle against them to cool themselves down a bit more.

  4. Bleh. Summer.

    I got in my car yesterday after work and the thermastat read 107. Yuck!

  5. Love that print!!

    And yes, it's frigging hot here in Houston too! Ugh. Thank goodness for the rain today though. :)


  6. we had a heat wave last week - i MISS the TORCHING sun!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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  7. Oh man I hope our AC gets fixed soon. Because that can be kind of miserable.

    - Sarah

  8. @Lbeck - that's a pretty good idea! I gave her a little ice cube last night and she kept rubbing her chin on it. Hopefully they're fixing my AC today but if not, I'll try your suggestion. Thanks!

  9. Wow that's hot! Utah doesn't get THAT hot, but still pretty warm. Nice blog!!

  10. all the best things about summer in one image. love it. and that's too hot for me. i'm of irish descent! i'm just not made for heat! i think 85 is hot!

  11. We're melting in Oklahoma. Northern States: give us a cool breeze!!

  12. ohhh happy happy summer.
    it sounds scorching down there! but I hope you're finding ways to enjoy it:)

  13. people are just happier when summer is here, right?? i know i am! i turned my AC off one day while at work and came home and it was 86.. i almost died.

  14. this is just about the sweetest story ever!!! I want to meet MOllY. Love this poster too - i miss sugary lemonade store or restaurant bought of course. Gotta make it from scratch one of these days!

    promise to write an email soon. this week has a been a bit rough for me! i hope your AC works real soon.

    big hugs! Reese

  15. yay HELLOOOO Summer!! Good luck battling the heat! :)

    Wanderlusting Fool


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