I'm linking up with Outside Voice's photo share today.  This month's Get the Picture theme is Home.  In thinking about that theme, a lot of "homes" came to mind.  My childhood home in San Antonio.  My current home in Sacramento.  The place that feels like my hometown - Chicago.  Even though I have deep ties to all of these places (and many different physical "homes" in Chicago - 10 addresses in 7 years...yikes!), none of them felt right.  None of them felt like Home with a capital H. 

And then, The Boyfriend called.  And I had my answer.  We didn't discuss my struggle with the theme.  In fact, I didn't even mention I was writing this post.  But all I needed was for the phone to ring and I knew what Home was.  Home with a capital H.  You see, The Boyfriend's ringtone is Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes (check 'em out here on Letterman).  It may sound cheesy (ok it definitely sounds cheesy) but it's especially true for our long distance relationship - "Home is wherever I'm with you."

So whether we're wandering the streets of Europe ...

... frolicking around California ...

... or just chilling in a restaurant ...

... as long as we're together, I'll be Home.  With a capital H.


  1. Love this post...and I just adore that song {I am quite possibly addicted}...and I don't think those words are cheesy at all :) oh, and p.s. Those photos are so great!!!

  2. That's really very sweet, not cheesy at all. I loved that song until it was played to death. But the singer (Alexander Ebert) has a solo album out and my new favourite song is Truth. I can't stop playing it.

    Your boyfriend has some serious air in the middle photo!

  3. oh, this is just the sweetest =) and what an original way to partici^pate in her feature :) I wanted to participate as well, but have a huge lack of inspiration + no camera! x

  4. awww so sweet! you two are adorable.
    xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. I LOVE it. This is beautiful, Stephanie.
    Awesome post, and beautiful "Home" (with a capital!)
    PS. Thanks so much for participating, I really appreciate it.

  6. CUTE!!! We just bought a new home & I have been going through some emotions packing up our first house. Home is where the heart is....super cheesy...but true :)

  7. Oh goodness!
    This post is sooo cute! :D
    YOU should have a sign made or a print that says "Home is whenever and where ever I'm with you" and give it to him as a gift!


  8. Looks like an amazing time! Enjoy!! xo style, she wrote

  9. I love the idea of Home with a capital 'H'. And I couldn't agree more about the song (I actually included it on my home post too!)
    Beautiful post,

    Carla xx.

  10. lovely post, and i like the photos a lot! :)


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