Fab Friday - I Need Your Help!

We have a couple of birthday celebrations this weekend.  First, today is The Boyfriend's birthday!!!  I'm so excited to take him out to a Giants game followed by drinks, friends, and cigars (for him, not me).  This is the 3rd birthday I get to celebrate with the love of my life and I couldn't be more excited.  I'm looking forward to many more Boyfriend birthday celebrations to come!  


Then tomorrow, we're going to The Boyfriend's little cousin's birthday party.  She's two years old and blossoming into a lovely little girl.  Just recently I've started to notice she doesn't look like a baby anymore and I can't wait to capture her cute little-girl-not-baby face on camera tomorrow!

Ok, so here's the part where I need your help.  (It's totally unrelated to birthday celebrations.)  I still need to buy a pair of shoes to wear to my friend Nikki's wedding in two weeks!  Her colors are gray and yellow and our bridesmaids' dresses are pewter.  We're supposed to wear black shoes so I'm looking for something fun and fanciful but also affordable.  I've narrowed it down to four pairs (assuming I can find these in my size...) but I can't decide on one!  So here's where you come in - which do you prefer of the four below?

1. Ambrosia Pump
2. Pyper-G (Steve Madden)
3. QutiePie (Nine West)
4. Obrien Evening Sandals

And so you know what I'm working with, here's a shot of the lovely bridesmaid dress:

So this isn't the traditional Friday's Fancies but if you'd be so kind as to let me know in the comments below which pair of shoes you like best, you'd really make this decision a lot easier for me!!  (And I'd owe you a favor!)  Thanks for your help, Lovelies. :)

Happy Weekend!!!



  1. 2 & 3 are my favorites...but leaning a little more towards 3! Happy Birthday to your boyfriend :) Sounds like a fun line up you have there!!! xoxoxo brynn

  2. Okay... here's my order of preference for whatever it's worth: 3, 4, 2, 1. I keep flip-flopping between 3 & 4 for first place because on the one hand, #4 is open-toe which is great for a summer wedding... but #3 is just AMAZING! I want to wear those right now... but this is coming from a woman who owns 120 pairs of shoes, so maybe I have a problem lol! Good luck choosing!

  3. The first one but I am a sucker for a bow. Hsve you thought about getting a wedge? :)

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  5. no. 2 is perfect!

    Fashion Cat

  6. I like #3! (First time checking out your FF)

  7. My vote goes for n°4, definitely, it´s the most gorgeous and pretty of all! Good luck with the final choice :)
    I´m so glad that I´ve discovered your blog thanks to Friday Fancies! I´m following you and hope you´ll have some time to check my lifestyle blog!

    Have an amazing weekend!
    xx Ivana

  8. 3 or 4 are my votes!! :) Have fun at the Giants game!

  9. No. 4! I love them! They bring such a fun twist!

  10. 2 & 3 are my favorites too!
    love this post!!

  11. This is tough because they're all such great choices! I like 1 and 2 because they're peep-toes and have fun accents. I know my indecisiveness doesn't help, sorry. Have a great time celebrating tonight and this weekend!

  12. I like #4! All of them are cute though. Most importantly, have you tried them on?? In one wedding I was in the heels were terribly uncomfortable by the end of the ceremony all the bridesmaids' feet were numb!

  13. automatically my eyes gravitated towards #4, because they've got spunk! If those dandy's are goners then I would go for the 5 inch reptile (#3):)

  14. I love 2 and 3... but I'd say make sure you pick a shoe you can wear all day. That's sometimes the worst part of wedding shoes. Break in the pair you choose too! (:

  15. Number 1 is my favourite - so beautiful! - but I think Number 4 would probably go with the dress a bit better. But you should probably get Number 1 anyway :)

    Enjoy the boyfriend's birthday celebrations!

  16. NINE WEST! #3! You're making me want them! They're fabulous, and you'll totally wear them again, and I'm not just saying that! :)


  17. I'm a huge fan of a peep toe so I'd say either 2 or 4!
    4 is pretty sassy!! ;)

  18. I am torn between #2 & #4. I think #4 would be the winner though. Very cute!

  19. #3 is simply fabulous but #4 may be more comfortable. fabulous picks and I adore that dress too.

  20. They're all great picks, but I think #4 might be the most comfortable, and girl, I'm all about comfort when being a bridesmaid!! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, my dear!

  21. Nr. 4 all the way! More elegant than the other ones and perfect for a wedding. I hope your weekend was great. Love from London xo

  22. hi Stephanie,

    thank a bunch for your comment and visit, sorry it's taken me a bit to come on over here and get to know you better. you've got a grand space and i love your story of how you came to this blogs name as a sort of life mantra. my dad was a lawyer and i've got a few friends who've made it through the trenches, even now still having bad dreams about the bar exam. gosh, it's a heavy duty gig, good for you on managing it with those seriously stellar mushrooms!!! love it and this post is fab.

    h.b. to your guy, my boyf just had a birthday too, cancer dudes are such a cool sort i find. so much fun going on for you this weekend, all i can say is let them eat cake!!!! baha : )

    my opinion is this, the dress and you will of course be the sparkly/sheen-like center so the outskirts could perhaps be a flat finish. i'm kinda diggin' no.3, it's got nice texture and embellishment, plus the wedge seems comfy too. hope it all works out lades, much luck to picking the right thing that makes you feel great! ♥

  23. I am SO glad you went to the doctor and that you are ok! And so awesome that you don't have bad sun damage! I have a few spots where I have lost pigment in my skin from sun damage. I was in the sun a lot as a kid and am very sensitive.

    Would you mind emailing your story so we can share it on the blog? I LOVE that reading our stories inspired you. Hopefully the fact that you went will inspire others! Good for you!

    And for the shoes...I think I have to go with #3.

  24. My favourite one would be the first one, it is so elegant looking.


  25. Hope you had a GREAT time celebrating this weekend :) All of those shoes are FAB, so don't worry about the one you will pick & the dress is really lovely!
    Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

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