Awkward & Awesome

--Taking Greta to the mechanic for a "simple" coolant leak only to find out it's actually 3 leaks and will cost $1400 to fix!!
--Icicles for fingers.  One of our summer associates (a.k.a. interns) decided to bump the thermostat in my office to 65 degrees!  (This wasn't out of a cruel sense of humor - one thermostat controls both of our offices and apparently the cozy mid-70s setting was too warm for him.)  By the end of the day, I was afraid to type because I thought my icicle finger tips might break off.  Then I'd just have finger-nubs.

--A great friend who understand exactly when you need a happy hour, then takes you to a place with mint juleps and cheese platters loaded with Humboldt Fog!!
--Molly's excitement when I come home in the evenings.  I'm convinced that if she could, she'd run up to the door and greet me every night.
--It's Thursday, which means one more day till Friday, which means one more day till the weekend.  That's pretty awesome all on its own!

Mint Julep and a cheese platter


  1. Oh crap, cars are just so expensive. How much easier would it be if bikes were practical for everything?

    Thank God for friends who know when alcohol is needed!

  2. OMG that is an enormous amount of money!!!Mint Julep and the cheese platter looks delicious!


  3. ugh. The same thing seems to happen with my car. It's never just one thing anymore! I love how you named your car Greta, though ;)

    I think I'd love any happy hour place that supplied platters of cheese and bread, haha!

  4. what i wouldn't give for a place around here with a decent cheese platter. driving 2 hours to get to one just doesn't work for my happy hour needs!

  5. You need to get a BIKE! =)

    I need one of those mint juleps.

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  7. Why are offices always so freaking cold? I don't understand why they insist on torturing everyone with freezing cold temps.

    Too bad about your car - I can totally relate to that with my old jetta I ended up selling. Thank goodness for happy hours :)

  8. Ha, I've spent more on fixing my car (I think) than it cost me to buy it in the first place so I really do feel your pain :-)

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I so appreciate it and am happy to follow your fun and pretty blog back. Love from London xo

  9. I am counting this post as my little pick-me-up for the afternoon :) You just made me smile really big! Love your cheerful attitude! xoxoxo brynn

  10. I think that last one takes the cake. I am SOOOO ready for Friday and tomorrow I will be on the search for drinks with mint leaves in them! :)

  11. oh goodness! At least you survived the week:) You have a very talented eye -love looking through your etsy pics & blog!


  12. Omg $1400!!?? Ok 65 degrees, crazy! I love having good friends too & it's so cute that Molly gives you so much love...& YES it is FRIDAY... ALMOST WEEKEND! haha

    Enjoy your weekend dear!

    Alicia Mi Mundo


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