Weekend Recap

The Boyfriend made a delicious pasta dish for dinner Friday night.  I wouldn't have thought tomatoes, red pepper flakes, basil, garlic, and bacon would be a good combo but man, oh man, that sauce tickled my taste buds in just the right way!  Apparently this is not an unusual combo in Italy.  The Boyfriend called it amatriciana and said he had it a few times while living in Italy.  I guess I have to take his word for it. :)

So I bet you're wondering where the pictures are of this amazing pasta dish.  Well, I was so excited to get it in my belly that I forgot to take photos.  Next time, I promise.  And trust me, there will definitely be a "next time" for that dish!

Saturday was busy busy busy but fun fun fun.  The Boyfriend's sister needed new headshots for her show, Beach Blanket Babylon.  Y'all, if you're ever in San Francisco, and I mean ever, you need to check out this show.  You will thank me.  It's the world's longest running musical revue and it's a San Francisco icon.  According to the website, it's a musical parody of current events and pop stars.  Think SNL but as a musical, with bar service.  Booze + funny live show = awesomeness.

Anyway, she needed new photos and I needed an excuse to take some photos so we got together and had a good time.  She was a great model and I think they turned out pretty nicely.

We were the definition of lazy.  Slept in late, ate a lot, you know - very productive stuff.  We also enjoyed some yummy fresh-from-the-farmer fruits and veggies.  I have no idea what most of these greens were but they tasted great with a little olive oil and garlic!

What about you guys?  Did you have a fab weekend?  Are you counting down the days till the next one yet? ;)


  1. That pasta dish sounds absolutely amazing. I'm looking forward to the next time you eat, because I want to see some pictures of this! (:

    Love the head shots of your boyfriend's sister! That musical sounds fun. If I ever make it to SF I think I'm putting it on the list of stuff to do.

    I am ready for this weekend. My cousin graduates from high school, and we've been working really hard to make the place ready for her party. It will be nice to see all of her hard work turn into that HS Diploma. Then she's off the Washington this fall! (:

  2. Looks like a fun weekend :) &those greens do look amazing!

  3. That sounds lovely - lazy sundays are the best :)

  4. That pasta sounds soooooooooo good! Yes do take a picture of it next time. Oh and you have me craving for some strawberries right now with whipped cream or with chocolate syrup. yum! Have a great week!


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