Unwanted Blog Break

I have some bad news.  Pomme is sick. 

But you should know one important fact.  Pomme is not a person or an animal.  In fact, she's not even a plant.  She is ... my beloved computer.  (Sometimes I like naming inanimate objects.)  Last night, as I was carrying out my most important task of the day--checking Facebook--my computer just suddenly shut off.  Bam.  That's it.  No warnings, no noises, no nothing.  I tried for over two hours to turn that little beezy back on but she just wasn't having it.  I thought maybe if I took her out to a bar she'd give me what I want so this afternoon I skipped out on work and headed over to the Genius Bar.  Guess what.  The Apple techs had no idea what was going on.  She wouldn't start up for them either!  Pomme is nothing if not stubborn!  They insisted on an overnight stay to "further assess the issue."  The tech guy also gave me the most vague answers imaginable to my questions.  Here's how that convo went down:

Me: "So how long do you think it'll be before I get her back?"
Steve the Apple Tech: "Um ... probably, like, 1 to 3 days.  But, you know, if it's complicated or something maybe, like, 5 to 7 days?"
Me: "Was that a question?"
Steve the Apple Tech: "Yeah, I mean, it could be tomorrow, it could be a week from tomorrow."
Me: "Okay.  Do you have an estimate on cost?"
Steve the Apple Tech: "Well, if it's something simple, like something just came loose, then it'd be free since we're not actually replacing a part."
Me: "I like free."
Steve the Apple Tech: "But .. "
Me: "Uh-oh."
Steve the Apple Tech: " ... if it's something like, the logic board needs replacing, which is what I think it is, then it'd be about $450."
Me: "Oh...."

Turns out, Steve the Apple Tech was right.  It's the logic board.  But one question ... what is a logic board anyway?  Doesn't it sound like some sort of weird trivia game or something?  Like, "Hey, it's your turn.  Answer correctly and you get to move your piece four squares ahead on the logic board!"  Anyway, the moral of this longer-than-I-intended story is that there may not be very many blog posts over the next week.  I'm so totally bummed about that, y'all just don't even know!!

Right now, I'm using a work computer to post.  Which means two things: 1) I hope you can keep a secret and not tell my boss! and 2) no pictures.  Pomme has all my pictures.  That beezy.  (Can you tell I'm a little mad at her for abandoning me like this?  I feel naked and alone.  Not really, but almost.) 

So, lovely readers, I am not deserting you and I'm not going on a margarita bender for Cinco de Mayo (at least, I'm not planning on it...).  I'm just waiting for Pomme to get well and come back home where she belongs.


  1. hi stephanie, I'm so sorry for you....I had an big accident with my computer 2 years ago...the fixed harddisk was munged, with all my picures on....I lost every information I hadn't saved on an extern platform...an they couldn't start it again...dead for ever...since then I always save my stuff twice...mobile harddisk and cd-rom...hope Pomme gets well very soon....
    greetings from Germany...Tanja

  2. Do you think this is a message from the so-called inanimate that we all need to quit Facebook ... ?

    Seriously. Pomme needs to lady up. I believe I would die without my computer. Hope she quits attention-seeking soon. x

  3. Aww, so sorry about your computer. Hopefully you won't be gone too long...

    Happy Wednesday, my dear.


  4. i hope pomme gets better soon. no one wants to be without their computer! and thanks for your kind comments about willow on my blog :)

  5. and here i was thinking that i was the only one that had a possessed mac. hopefully pomme gets better soon. she probably needs a margarita as well.

  6. Oh no! I hope pomme gets well soon. I hate it when that happens. That happened to me a while back and well people around here are always procrastinating, I had to go without a computer for a whole month! ugh!

  7. i name objects too, no worry. hope pomme is feeling better by now.


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