Thursday Morning Thoughts

Here's your weekly dose of Awkward and Awesome!

--I've spent the last couple of days on an urgent doc review assignment at work.  Basically this means 8-10 hours of my day are dedicated to searching through hundreds of documents looking for any information that's helpful/hurtful to our client's case.  Sound totally boring?  It is.  Unless the client's employees choose to send personal messages from their work email addresses.  I saw many personal messages this week - some were sweet, some were boring, and some were ... *ahem* ...quite amorous if you know what I mean (wink wink, nudge nudge).  As awkward as it was reading multiple amorous messages with many "loving" innuendos (some not so subtle), it was also very educational.  What's the lesson?  Don't EVER send personal messages from your work account!!!  You just never know when your employer will get caught in a lawsuit, which means you just never know when someone like me will get paid to read your ... um ... love letters.
--I almost accidentally stole toilet paper from work.  Yes, you read that right.  Almost.  Accidentally.  But wait, I can explain.  After a little tinkle tinkle, I exited the stall with toilet paper roll in hand.  Oh, it gets better.  I then put it down on the counter to wash my hands, then picked it up again and walked out of the bathroom.  I got about halfway down the hall before thinking, "Why the hell am I carrying a roll of toilet paper!??"  I still don't know the answer to that.
--I woke up yesterday morning to find I had no milk, no eggs, no cereal, no bread, no fruit - basically no breakfast food.  So I ate a chocolate bunny.  With peanut butter.  Breakfast of champions, right?

--My Kissing Deer shirt.  I just love that shirt so much - the bow necktie, the loose-yet-flattering fit, the deer nuzzling noses.  It reminds of Bambi.  I've worn it to work once a week since I bought it.  I swear, people at my office must think I don't own any other clothes.  Little do they know I would wear it everyday if I thought I could get away with it. 
--I'm using Easter as an excuse to bake.  I love baking!  I have an idea for some Easter cupcakes.  If they turn out, I'll post the recipe and photos next week. :)
--Bright pink nail polish.  Need I say more?

Looks like I've lost my head!  Nyuck nyuck nyuck nyuck.
In case you're curious - Shirt (H&M) & Skirt (Express)

A close-up of the Kissing Deer.  As Stacy London would say, "Totes adorbs."


  1. i adore your top! it is too cute!

  2. Thanks for your answer! I'm very happy!
    Obviously I follow you and I hope you visit my blog again! ;D
    kiss kiss kiss

  3. Just came upon your blog....slow day at work for me :) LOVE this shirt!! SO super cute! Also like your blog! Holly :)


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