Thursday Morning Thoughts

Not too many Awkward and Awesomes this week so I'm hoping you Lovelies have some good ones to share!  I need some reading entertainment for my work breaks. :)

1. I actually squealed in the dressing room at Anthropologie because I liked a dress I tried on.  I then told my friend I hated her for finding it because it was outside my budget.  I bought it anyway.  When a dress makes you squeal like a happy little piggy, you have to break some budget rules.  So what's awkward about this besides squealing in public?  Now I have buyer's remorse. :(
2. My headache has lasted for 6 days now.  SIX!!!  It feels like it's finally going away but come on.  (Ok, maybe that's not awkward but it's definitely not awesome.)
3. My dancing.  This needs no explanation once you see the photos below.  You'll understand why I only dance in "safe" areas.

1. My office looks for any excuse to have a party.  Tomorrow, we're having one simply because it's spring.  I can't think of a better reason.  It's also a jeans day (we don't have casual Fridays usually).  Double whammie!!!
2. The Boyfriend and I are planning our Costa Rican vacation for this upcoming fall.  I love having something to look forward to!
3. Teaching my uncle the Macarena at his wedding last weekend.  The Macarena is so not awesome, but seeing my uncle that happy definitely was.
4. Molly the Guinea Pig Extraordinaire.  Coming home to her squeaky little face brightens up my day.
5. The Boyfriend teaching my nephew to make spit bubbles.  It was awesome in its own boy-bonding sort of way.

This is why I should never be allowed on the dance floor.  I'm lucky The Boyfriend indulges my "Dirty Dancing" moments.  Notice how no one else is on the dance floor...

My little Molly, waiting patiently for an evening treat.



  1. Molly is so cute.

    Any excuse for a party is a good one. Who doesn't like cake?

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  2. I love your blog
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  3. So funny! I'm so bad at dancing, but it's more because I don't have any rhythm, not because I like to copy awesome dances from movies. :)

  4. A party for spring is always a good excuse! And I'm totaly jealous you get to wear jeans.. even on casual days we can't and I work at a darn plant farm too! UGH! On a side note, I'm jealous of your upcoming vacation. I always end up going to the same places year after year, it is fun and relaxing still but I'd love to go to a more tropical location like CR!

  5. Costa Rica...soooo jealous!!
    First time hubs and I danced together (it was the first time he took me home to meet his family while we were dating) he dropped me in front of everyone...hahaha!

  6. Finding clothes that fit is the BEST! Totally squeal worthy.

    Thanks for visiting. New follower =)

  7. I'm in love with your blog! And like you, I love Anthropologie, too (and oftentimes suffer buyers remose...how can you not? Everything is ridiculously overpriced but also ridiculously adorable!)

    So happy to have stumbled upon your blog!
    your newest follower

  8. Hehe this was fun!! And OMG, I love guinea pigs... I always had them growing up. :)

  9. hahahaha, that dirty dancing thing made me laugh! ;) and i agree, when something makes you squeal, it means you really like it and you should buy it. (bad bad, i know). ;D

    <3, Mimi

  10. Never have buyers remorse if it comes from Anthro. The best thing about that store is everything is so classy and timeless. I want to see your dress, stat!


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