Thursday Morning Thoughts

I have a lot more awkwardness to share.  And just a little awesomeness too. :)

--I stopped for gas after work yesterday.  As I was exiting Greta (yes, I gave my VW a German name), my heel got caught on the seat belt strap and I sort of just ... tumbled out.  I never claimed to be graceful but this takes clumsy to a whole new level.
--After returning from my gas-getting adventures, my new neighbor and I pulled into our building's parking lot at the same time.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce myself.  I figured since we share a wall we should at least know each other's names.  I looked her way and smiled, all prepared to compliment her on her parking job, when that Beezy catches my eye then chooses to look down at her phone instead.  She didn't even get out of her car until I went inside!  Who does that???  I'm a perfectly nice gal (most days).  Why wouldn't you at least smile back???  I mean, we share a wall.  That's gotta mean something.
--While at lunch with my assistant and another associate, I dropped my chopstick.  No, "dropped" isn't the right word.  More like somehow-made-it-fly-three-feet-in-the-air-doing-flips-and-flinging-soy-sauce-everywhere-then-landing-in-my-lap.  Hey, at least it was my lap and not someone else's.

--My new Oxfords were finally delivered.  They're about half a size too small so I'll need to exchange them but still ... new shoes are awesome even when they don't fit perfectly.
--Molly, my genius guinea pig, decided she wanted to be potty trained.  I usually let her run around in the evenings to get some exercise and she's learned to come give me a little bite when she needs to go back in her cage and do her business.  She's basically the smartest guinea pig in all the land. 
--Inspirational messages on tea bags never fail to brighten my day.  Today's message is "Your choices will change the world."  Please note my "choice" to drink my tea from the office's Ballerina Bear mug.  Wonder if that's what Mr. Tea Bag had in mind?

Your turn! :)


  1. Hiya, I'm a new follower. Just found your blog today. Can't wait to read more.

    The car tumble was too funny. At least you didn't get hurt.


  2. thanks for the follow, girl! and i'm your newest follower as well;)
    love these... and i love tea with inspirational messages too! i'll totally pay the extra money for overpriced inspiration:)


  3. this is such a fun read!!! :D

    i am now a follower! :)

    <3, Mimi

  4. I want inspirational tea bags! Where are they from?!

    I'm from Auckland, NZ, which is why my posts sometimes seem out of step which the Northern Hemisphere-dominated world. I WISH I was in sunny California, though.

    Andrea x

  5. guinea pigs are smart! Mine knew how to find my room from anywhere in the house. He also would start "talking" when he heard the fridge door open. He knew where the goods were.


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