Now I Know My ABCs, Next Tme Won't You Sing With Me

I've seen this floating around the blogosphere a lot lately and, not one for being left out, I decided to give it a go.  Plus, I'm having writer's block today (blogger's block?) so this seemed like a fun solution!

Age - 29.  I'm trying to be happy about this but it's tough...
Bed size - Queen.  Because I am one.  In bed.
Chore you hate - Cleaning toilets.  Does anyone like this chore?
Dogs - Yes please!  I wish I was allowed to have them in the apartment but Molly makes a very nice puppy alternative. :)
Essential start to your day - Chocolate milk.  Did I mention I'm a 5-year old stuck in a 29-year old's body?
Favorite color - PURPLE! Always has been, ever since I was three years old and had purple Care Bear sneakers.
Gold or silver - depends on the day, the outfit, the planets' alignment, etc. basically I like both.  Why choose just one?  (However, for serious long-term jewelry like a wedding ring or something, I am not a fan of yellow gold.)
Height - 5'6.  5'7 at the doctor's office.  I stand super straight when I know someone's measuring.  You know you do, too.
Instruments you can play - Clarinet.  I was actually really good at it ... when I was 13.  I've also perfected the cowbell and I totally rock the bass on Rock Band.
Job title - Associate Attorney by day, Superstar Blogger/Photographer/Guinea Pig Mama/Lover by night.
Kids - Someday but not yet.  And probably 3, unless I can't stand the pain...
Live - Northern California.  Known as NorCal to the cool kids.
Mom's name - Lisa Eileen.  She has a great "name" story.  My mom was named after my Grandma's favorite soap opera character.  Her first name was the name of the character on the show and her middle name was the name of the actress who played that character!
Nicknames: Steph, Floopse, Uncle Fester (I was bald when I was a baby.  My uncle was not very nice to me about it.)
Overnight hospital say - Not since I was born. (*Knocks on wood)
Pet peeve - When the toilet paper in the bathroom comes out from under the roll rather than over the top.  It's inside out that way people!  Sometimes I even change it in other people's bathrooms.
Quote from a movie - "Don't tell me my business Devil Woman!"  The Boyfriend loves this quote and said it at least ten times this weekend.  He even made me watch the clip on YouTube so naturally it's the first one that comes to mind.
Righty or Lefty - Righty.  
Siblings - One younger sister, Megan.
Time you wake up - Monday through Friday it's around 6:30am.  On the weekends, whenever I feel like it.  You don't want to mess with me if I have to wake up before I'm ready. 
Underwear -  Are fun-derwear!
Vegetables you dislike - Raw onions.  How someone can eat raw onions I will never know.  So icky!
What makes you run late - I hate running late.  With a passion.  I feel like a failure if I'm not somewhere on time.  That being said, I'm easily distracted.  Wait, what were we talking about?
X-rays - Chest, teeth, ribs
Yummy food you make - Apple pie and Mushroom risotto
Zoo animal - Baby tigers and baby monkeys.  I love those little critters!

Me in my Care Bears t-shirt and matching purple Care Bears shoes.  


  1. fun! my husband also says that to me quite a bit. it's hilarious!

  2. love this! I think I might do it one of these days.


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