Fab Fridays

My Italian Word of the Day emails have officially come to an end.  (Actually, they ended about a month ago but who's counting?)  I'm thinking about a new weekly series but I need your help!  Are you in?  It's required, you know.  Ok, it's not required, but I sure would love it. :)

So what's the new series you ask?  Great question!  Introducing ... Fab Fridays!!!  We all look forward to Fridays (TGIF anyone?) but it's more than just Fridays we look forward to, it's the whole weekend, right?  So (here's where you come in) let's share something Fabulous we're looking forward to this weekend.  That's Fabulous with a capital "F."  Chilling by the pool?  Cuddling on the couch with a blankie and a movie?  Road trip?  Whatever it is you're excited about, no matter how small you make think it is, feel free to share.  Because if you're excited about it, I know I'll be excited for you!

For me, I'm looking forward to going back to Texas (in about three hours actually) for my uncle's wedding.  I'm excited to see my family, shoot some wedding photos, and be silly in a plane with The Boyfriend.  We're very good at entertaining ourselves.  Especially when we have free drink tickets from Southwest.

What about you?  What are you excited about this Fab Friday?

(Here's a photo of the Alamo from my last visit to Texas.  Someday, I'll tell you about the family connection to this little building right here.)


  1. in high-school, my friends and i were totally into the scream movies (i think that ages us), but with the new on coming out, we are going to have a scream marathon on sunday. i know that makes us total dorks, i am so excited! and have fun in texas!

  2. Girl's weekend for me:-) Have fun in Texas! xoxo

  3. i can't wait to hear about your family's connection to the alamo. we went there a year or so ago, and it really is a beautiful place. :)

    for the weekend, i am looking forward to reading for fun... but i also have to work on two papers before spring break. :/

    <3, Mimi

  4. what's your connection to the alamo? interesting suspense building :)

    this weekend i am going to dinner with a friend for some wine and girl talk!

  5. hope ya had a fab friday and a good rest of the weekend:) my fab friday was filled with running errands and having lunch with the boyfriend- good company can make any task fun, right?:)


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