Fab Friday

I should call this particular post "Food Friday" because, starting today, I'll be nom-nom-nom'ing my way through the weekend.  First, we're having a firm-wide lunch today for Staff Appreciation Week, then it's off for margaritas and Mexican food to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Tomorrow?  Oh, tomorrow gets even better!  I'm planning on checking out SactoMoFo even though I have no idea what that stands for.  Sacramento Mobile Food probably.  Because that's what it is.  A festival of food trucks!  I think I'm most excited for Curry Up Now and Fat Face.  Tikka Masala burrito?  Yes please!  Popsicles on our first 80 degree day?  Sign me up, lickity-split!! (Get it?  Lick-ity?  Hee hee...)  After that we're going out on a fancy-pants date to Ella.  All this, plus I promised The Boyfriend I'd make him an apple pie.  I may need to bust out my looser-fitting dresses for work on Monday...

What about you?  Fab plans for the weekend?

Here are some of my fave food photos:



  1. um yum! i totally want to join you!

  2. so glad you stopped by! and that food looks AMAZING. the berries oh my I love them!


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