Fab Friday

Oh my gosh it's finally Friday!  This week has felt so long but I think it's because I'm so excited for the weekend.  I love Easter.  Even though spring officially started a month ago, to me, Easter is the true sign of spring.  We're having a full Easter celebration weekend (both days!) and we're also having a little birthday party on Sunday.  The Boyfriend's grandfather (we call him "Nonno") is turning 90!!  Can you believe it?  90 years old????  And he's still so happy, healthy, and full of life.  He loves telling jokes and making everyone laugh.  I'm sure he'll have some great zingers for us.  He loves to say things like:

The Boyfriend: "Hey, Nonno, how does it feel to be turning 90?"
Nonno: "Dead."

or another of my faves:

Nonno (talking about his experience during World War II):  "I had shell-shock from the war.  I ate too many peanuts."

I can't wait to have a full day just celebrating him.  I'm fully expecting a few more classic quotes and some memorable photos, too!

This was taken just a month ago.  Isn't he great?  Definitely does not look or act 90 years old!

What about you?  Any fabulous plans for Easter?


  1. sounds like you have a great weekend planned. we have an easter egg hunt at my parent's house and i swear, it's the fastest my grandparents ever move! they just get so excited about it!

  2. That sounds like so much fun. Wish I could be there to see it!! Have a great time :)

  3. Happy birthday grandpa. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and Easter celebration with the family. B and I will be doing the same with his family on the river. :)

    Happy Friday, dahling!

  4. Since I don't live close to my family, I'm celebrating easter with friends. But don't worry, we're still hunting for easter eggs.

  5. Your nonno sounds like a real character!
    Happy Easter!


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