Fab Friday

Gnocchi with melted butter and grated Reggiano cheese
Lucky for me, ol' Mr. Headache left just in time for the weekend.  We're keeping it pretty domestic these next two days.  The Boyfriend and I are making gnocchi and limoncello tomorrow and not much else.  Mmm ... Nom nom nom .... If you ever have a lazy day and want to try making gnocchi, I definitely support you in that endeavor.  This recipe is super easy and you'll have enough to freeze for quite a few extra meals!

We're also planning on watching the premiere of the final season of Friday Night Lights.  Does anyone else love this show?  FNL is a gift from TV's little angels.  I'm pretty bummed to see it go.

I'm also thinking about doing a little thrift shopping on Sunday.  There's an interesting place not too far from The Boyfriend's and I'm hoping it holds some hidden treasures just waiting for me to find them.  What about you?  What are your Fabulous plans for the weekend?  Will you be low-key?  High-key?  Somewhere in between?


  1. Limoncello! Yum! Which recipe do you use? I've always wanted to make it after having it for the first time when I was in Venice and loved it.

    My weekend will be so low-key it will be almost flat. After a couple of big weekends, I'm ready to spend some quality time with my book. Enjoy yours :)

  2. love gnocchi! it always makes me think of my best-friend's (cocokelley.blogspot.com) dad's restaurant. yum!

  3. And I love FNL, but I did think the fourth season was just about the MOST depressing season of television ever. I hope there is a little more hope in season 5, and a little of the whole "life is unfair" thing.

  4. Good luck on the thrifting hunt! Hope you find some hidden treasures. Though I've never had gnocchi, what does it taste like? I'll definitely have to try it!

    Happy Friday! :)

  5. Mi piacciono molto gli gnocchi. E mi piace molto questo blog. Infatti, mi piaci tu . . . tantissimo!!!

  6. that recipe looks deeeelicious.

  7. I wish I could go thrift shopping with you this weekend (oh, finals....). Enjoy FNL, best show ever (besides my other favorites: Mad Men, West Wing and Dexter).

  8. love gnocchi! my hub makes them sometimes. yum.


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