Fab Friday, Part 2

I can't help it.  Kate looked so fabulous how could I resist a little photo post about her?  She truly looks like a princess - elegant, regal, classic.  Perfection.

But does anyone else think Chelsy Davy looks just a bit ... um ... tacky?  Hard to imagine these two as (potentially) part of the same royal family.

Harry looks much better with Pippa, don't you think?  The Queen needs to make this match happen asap!!  She can do that, right?


  1. I loved it! Loved it all. The dress could not have been more perfect. Pippa looked gorgeous (I think I need to go on a royal diet now too). Prince Harry!! Love that guy.

    I really like Chelsy, she seems down-to-earth, independent, fun and not an attention-seeker, but this outfit is just plain old nasty. It doesn't look like it fits properly, the hemline seems wonky and the colour doesn't really suit her. Don't get even me started on the hair and make-up.

    Sigh sigh sigh. It was all better than I expected it to be.

  2. I know! I need to go on the Middleton Girls diet. They should market that.

    I like Chelsy, too, I just did NOT think she looked the way she should for such an event.

  3. They so should! Though it would probably just be "Don't eat" and I would not be down with that at all. And that, itself, is the very reason I need the diet!

  4. Beautiful wedding! I think Pippa and Harry should definitely give it a go:-) How adorable would that be? xoxo

  5. I just LOVED her dress! She's so beautiful and classy.
    Oh, and I can't wait to include your photos this wednesday. they're beautiful.

  6. Screw Chelsy Davy. I am officially campaigning the "Nikki for Harry" movement.

    Anyhow, I am obsessed with Kate and the Royal Wedding. It was a real life fairy tale and I am so.freaking.happy that I was "there" for it (by there, I mean live TV).

    And yes, the Middleton ladies and their bodies... unattainably thin. Gorgeous for the magazines and television, but I have to comfort myself with reminders that they are (albeit gorgeous) too thin.

  7. Uh Harry's Mine! :D
    I don't like Chelsy Davy and I heard she made a lot of worst dressed lists from what she wore! Gorgeous wedding though! UHM if you ever want motivation in the gym, just think about the Middleton girls! Seriously!!


  8. Yess! Team Pippa! Chelsy looks trashy.


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