Awkward & Awesome

--Me, in front of the camera.  I loved my Easter outfit because it combined the new Oxfords with the dress that made me squeal (it's hidden by the sweater - it was chilly!) but this is precisely why I don't do outfit shots.  I'm trying to get more comfortable with it but I'm just better behind the camera.  

--Blackberry Lemonade.  Homemade.  Basically take this lemonade recipe, add in half a cup of smashed blackberries, and stir!  It's delicious and makes the prettiest little pink drink.  The little bits of berries float along the bottom and kinda look like bubble tea.  Of course, if you don't want that, just pass the smashed berries through a strainer before adding to the lemonade!



  1. You are adorable! Don't be afraid to step out and take more beautiful pictures of yourself :) :)

    And that blackberry lemonade looks absolutely delicious!


  2. that dress looks so cute and that lemonade sounds wonderful!

  3. cute outfit. i'd much rather be behind the camera as well. but i realized the blog friends i'd made didn't even know what i looked like!

  4. Oyum, nothing like some homemade lemonade to get me thinking of planning backyard bbq's already...Love this time of year! You look lovely, the muted palette totally screams spring! Thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. thanks for the boost of confidence! I'm definitely taking a cue from all you lovely lady-bloggers and working on getting more comfy on "the other side" :)

  6. oh my goshhh i have to try that lemonade! you have inspired me!
    thank you so much for your lovely comment! made my day!


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