Wedding Dress

I'm looking for a wedding dress.  Not that kind of wedding dress, you big silly.  The kind you wear to someone else's wedding.  I have four weddings (but no funerals) to attend in the next five months.  I want something spring-y and pretty but that doesn't really narrow down my options, it just raises more questions.  Color or neutral?  Long or short?  I just can't decide.  Here are a few I'm considering at the moment:

From left to right:
1. Anthropologie Cockatoo Feather Dress
2. Top Shop Caramel Chiffon Floral Maxi
3. Anthropologie Sing Sweetly Party Dress
4. Top Shop Pink Dip Dye Flower Wing Dress

Yes, I am aware I'm only shopping at two stores at the moment.  I thought if I branched out, I'd get overwhelmed.  But I'm open to suggestions if you have them!


  1. I like dress #3 -- #2 has no shape at all.


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