Thankful for the Little Things

The Boyfriend's sister, E, is one of the most inspirational people I know.  Her status updates espouse love, happiness, and thankfulness and everyone who knows her knows it's not just talk.  I've seen her weather some of the most emotionally difficult situations with poise and grace.  Even though I'm 11 months older than her, I look up to her in many ways.

For some reason, a simple plate of Girl Scouts cookies reminded me of her.  The humble little shortbread cookie, with its sweet crunch and chocolate coating, was supposed to just be a quick breakfast fix.  As I dipped it in my coffee, I thought of its message: thank you.

I believe very strongly that our circumstances do not determine our happiness, we do.  Though I have a lot of frustrating moments these days, I'm making more of a concerted effort to focus on the positives.  I have a lot to be thankful for and recognizing that, rather than taking it for granted, can only lead to more happiness.  As silly as it sounds, yesterday morning I was truly thankful for my shortbread cookie.  Not only was it a nice weekend treat, it was also a much needed reminder to be thankful for the little things.


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  1. this is a wonderful message, and i'm really happy to hear you say these things. keep being thankful love!

    and i like the new layout :)


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