Tahoe Snowstorm

We took a death-defying trip to Tahoe this past weekend for a family wedding.  I say "death-defying" because we drove The Boyfriend's rear-wheel-drive Mustang up a mountain and through a snowstorm to get there!  Neither of us had experience driving in the snow so we had no idea what to expect.  After a lot fishtailing, frozen windshield and windshield wipers, nearly 0% visibility, and many road closures, we finally made it safe and sound.  Once there, we got snowed in and were forced to spend an extra day (oh darn).  It turned out to be a fabulously fun family weekend.  On top of that, Tahoe was a beautiful winter wonderland.  Though I mainly took photos of the bridge and groom, I managed to sneak in a few of the scenery as well!  Here's a glimpse into what spring looks like in Lake Tahoe.  (More to come soon.)

From Friday afternoon to Sunday night, the area got between 6 and 8 feet of snow!  Remember, this was supposed to be the first day of spring!!


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  1. I love this! I'm so glad I got to walk with you while you were taking scenic photos. I cannot wait to see how they turn out. PS, I've never followed a blog nor commented before, you are my first.


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