Found Mickey, Lost A Camera

As you know, we went to Disneyland this past weekend.  It was amazing!!  I want to live in Disneyland.  Not Anaheim, or even SoCal, but Disneyland.  Like on Main Street.  I want a parade outside my front door every morning and fireworks in my backyard every night.  Alas, this can never be, but a girl can dream right?

The one downside to the weekend was our lost camera.  For various reasons (rain, love of fast roller coasters, etc.), I chose not to take the DSLR to the park.  We took most of our photos and videos on The Boyfriend's Canon Powershot instead.  Believe me, we caught some real gems.  Unfortunately, the camera (and the beloved memories contained within) were left in our hotel's restaurant.  We realized this on the drive home and were ready to turn back to get it.  However, after about five calls to the front desk of the hotel and the restaurant itself, we realized it was gone for good.  We suspect someone must have found it but just didn't turn it in.  Shame, shame if that's true.  As a result, all we have are the few shots I captured on my phone. 

Mickey Mouse

Toon Town

Paradise Pier at California Adventures

Minnie's Front Yard

Randomness in Mickey's House

Lunch in Frontierland

Our Little Lunch Buddy

The Drive Home



  1. This makes me so jealous! Love it! :)

  2. LOVE the one with the farris wheel. beautiful coloring!


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