Thursday Morning Thoughts

1. Home.  Let me come home.  Home is wherever I'm with you.  This song has been stuck in my head all week, and I kinda love it.
2. Day Two of Advent means day two of a little chocolate with breakfast!
3. I wish I could still eat a bag of Cheetos and call it a meal, like I did when I was 8.
4. I hope San Antonio has some awesome fireworks this year.
5. Should I add a Diana or Holga to my Christmas list?


  1. when are you going to be in SATX for Christmas? Tom and I are traveling to my parents towards the end of December, but it would be so great to see you if we are around at the same time. I hear the river walk is beautiful at Christmas!

  2. 1 - when i heard that song for the first time, it was stuck there forever!!!

    5 - they are similar, but i prefer my diana f+ because the photos look really dreamy. i think holgas can use regular 35 mm film though, which is convenient. it's annoying to me to have to go out of midtown to pick up 120 film.


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