Halfie, Decided

I know I toyed around with the idea a few months ago but I finally came to a decision.  I'm going to run the US Half Marathon in San Francisco on April 10, 2011.  That's almost one year to the day that I completed my goal of running a 10K.  I'm a little scared - 13.1 miles is WAY more intimidating to me than 6 miles.  Knowing my ineptitude for speed, this means I'll be running for approximately 2 hours straight.  A half marathon seems like much more serious and intense training.  If any of you are runners and have any suggestions or tips, please pass them along (Lord knows I need them!).  My training officially starts on January 18th (12 weeks before the race) but starting tomorrow I'm approaching my workouts with this goal in mind.  Don't worry, I'll update you along the way!

(Photo found through random Google search.  No, I didn't take it and no, it's definitely not me.  I wish.)


  1. hey s! i ran a half marathon last year and it's very fun. the excitement on race day is exhilarating and it doesn't feel like 2 hours of running at all. i had my fastest time (which was still slowww) on race day! i used hal higdon's race schedule.

    also, i saw this awesome photography blog of this sf photographer who does pictures of his 2 adorable asian daughters, and this one reminded me of your blog!

  2. Thanks! I'm slowly but surely getting more excited about it. :)

  3. You are going to love it! And I know that you will do awesome! I am so excited for you!


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