Wild Boar Feast

We had a wild boar feast this past weekend.  The boyfriend's dad is a pretty awesome hunter and he got a wild boar not too long ago.  Now, most people assume that because I'm an environmentalist I won't approve of hunting.  Quite the contrary.  I have no problem with it, as long as you eat what you kill.  And, boy, did we eat that boar!  You'll notice there aren't any recipes to share, though.  My job was to make apple pie and assist on the meat sauce.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you how to make the sauce - it's a secret family recipe.  But if you ever come for a visit, we'll make a batch just for you!

Now that's a thick meat sauce!

Grilled boar tenderloin with salad, for a little nutrition

Grilled boar leg with a jerk sauce marinade

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