Owls Owls Everywhere

Big changes happening in Big Mario's world!  I moved into a new apartment this past weekend and started my new job this week.  As far as the job goes, I'm excited, grateful to be employed, and a little nervous.  As far as the apartment goes, I'm sitting in an almost-empty room!  I don't own a couch (or any living room furniture for that matter) and I'm in serious need of wall decor.  But ... my kitchen is fully stocked and I have a lovely new flat screen TV!  Can you tell where my priorities are?

While trolling websites late at night looking for decoration ideas, I noticed a lot of owls.  Is this the new trend in home decor?  Some are horrendous, of course, but most of the owls I found have a cute, quirky, modernly chic feel to them.  I kinda dig it!

Owl Catch-All - $9.99

Owl Rug - $18.00

Owl Light Switch - $24.00

Owl Dish Towel - $18.00

Owl Pillow - $39.99

Owl on a Branch Vinyl Wall Decal - $17.00

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  1. I feel ya girl!! Best of luck in your first week. Dare I say it - I like the decorations - they're a hoot!


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