Thanks to a suggestion from a lovely reader, I discovered and downloaded an app called "FXCamera."  If you don't have an iPhone, this seems to be the closest thing to the trendy Hipstamatic app.  FXCamera lets you choose between Toy Camera, Polandroid, Fish Eye, Warholizer, and SymmetriCam.  Within each "camera" you can set different configurations.  For example, the shot below was taken with the Polandroid using vintage film in the square (1:1) format.  I think this will be a great, fun way to take a few quick pics when I don't have my dSLR on hand.

Taken from my office window around 4pm today.  Not too far off from the real thing, huh!?


  1. Downloading now! I have only had my Android for a few weeks, but have not been happy with Retro Camera. Maybe this will replace it completely.

  2. I definitely like this better than Retro Camera. I'll prob still keep RC on the phone, just in case, but I don't see myself using it as long as I have this.


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