As I've been looking at others' photographs lately, I find myself interested in those with texture added to them.  There's something mysterious about it that transforms a simple image into "art."  But as far as my own photos go, it's used sparingly.  As a photographer, I tend to be drawn towards geometric shapes and more structured compositions.  I like lines and angles.  So for me to step out of my comfort zone, it requires planning.  I need to have a concept in mind that requires textures to finalize the idea. 

I do not have PhotoShop and wouldn't even know where to begin with digital textures, but here are some images I texturized the old fashion way - in the darkroom.  These were shot on black and white film and I experimented in the darkroom with various techniques.  When I scanned them into the computer, they took on this sepia-like tone which I kind of love.  The concept, if you can call it that, was that this live person would be transformed into a statue.  I don't know if that was accomplished, but I liked the dreamy, other-worldly feel of the final product.



  1. You use a Mac, right? I have an old version of Photoshop somewhere around here...

  2. Yes, my little Mac is named Pomme. How creative, right? I upgraded to Snow Leopard for the bar only to end up handwriting the exam b/c the Vista side on bootcamp crashed.

    If you find that old PS, let me know!

  3. Oh crap. That sucks. Did it crash DURING the exam? OMG, stressful.

    Okay, I'm putting my husband on the task of finding the disc. Are you in the area still?

  4. It crashed right as we were starting the PT on the Tuesday, then got WAY worse when I tried fixing it that night (like, totally black screen and no way to access ExamSoft) so I had to write ALL of Thursday, too.

    I'm in SF right now, then heading back to Sac at the end of September.


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