Camera Bags

I'm in the market for a new camera bag.  The one I currently have is suited for just the body of the camera and one lens.  I need more room - something that holds at least two lenses.  Of course, this purchase won't likely happen before I start working but I like "window shopping" to see what's out there.  I like the idea of a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag.  Here are the options I'm considering.  What do you think?

Clockwise from top left: (1) Epiphanie Black Lola bag; (2) Kelly Moore Heather Gray Hobo; (3) Janine King Designs (on Etsy); (4) Jill-e Red Leather Camera Bag (also considering it in black)


  1. I like #1 or #2. How many lenses do you think you will want to carry around?

  2. I want to carry two lenses, so I'm worried #2 will be too small. I like the epiphanie bag, but I've read mixed reviews - some say it's great, some say it's cheaply constructed (b/c it's not real leather). I wish I could see them in person before ordering.

  3. kelly moore's bags aren't real leather either.

    I have #2 and it's amazing, I carry 2 lenses and all of my other purse-ish items including a large wallet, my ereader, and other purse-y items.


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