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I'm taking a very short study break to write this post.  A friend (and fellow bar studier) recently wrote about making lists and it made me realize that I've been making a silent wish-list in my head for the last month.  It's a list of all the things I want to do between July 30 and October 1 (when I start work).  This brief time period will be the first time in at least FOUR YEARS that I have absolutely nothing I have to do.  So why not have a list of things I want to do?  (Note - I may add to this list as the month goes on!)

1. Go to a matinee movie in the middle of the week
2. Read books just for fun
3. Get totally lost in my "fun books" and not care that I spend the entire day lounging and reading
4. Lay out (with sunscreen on, of course) and feel summer
5. Make soft pretzels and other delicious things
6. Work out when I feel like it, not when it fits into my too-crammed schedule
7. Go for a walk and not worry about how long I'm gone
8. Watch trashy TV and revel in every minute of it
9. People-watch from a cafe or park in San Francisco
10. Attend an outdoor concert or movie viewing - this inherently involves some wine and my Love
11. Have a picnic

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  1. I love this! Sounds absolutely heavenly. I need to work on my after-the-bar list, which I suspect will sound very similar!

    (Isn't funny how us lawyer-types are? That we put lazy, trashy, relaxing, de-stressing things on a to-do list?)


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