Six-Week Countdown

Six weeks from today, I'll be checking into a hotel and trying to relax just a bit though I know there's little chance of that actually happening.  Why?  Because six weeks from TOMORROW is the California Bar Exam.  Oh lordy.  

The first wave of nervousness officially hit me yesterday.  I could barely eat lunch as I crammed all the exceptions to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement into my head.  Why?  Because apparently bar examiners don't realize that in the real world I can look that shizz up when I need to!  

To accomplish this considerable feat of memorization, mnemonics, acronyms, and cheesy songs have taken over my brain.  Now, when I see that someone has been arrested and/or searched, I think "Gamers playing Warcraft get excited." (Thanks to my roommate for that one.)  And why are they excited?  Praise Cash!  These ridiculous phrases are actually doing their job.  But since the human brain is capable of remembering only a limited number of arbitrary items in working memory, I wonder how many mnemonics and acronyms I'll actually recall on test day?  And if I manage to remember most of them, does that mean I'll be losing other, possibly happier, memories to make room for these?  I'm already dreaming about random legal theories.  I don't want my pleasant memories to be replaced with random legal phrases too!

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