A Nod to Good Advertising

Have you seen the commercials for Reebok Easytone shoes? If you haven’t, then you must not be watching much TV. The commercials feature women, shown mainly from behind and from the waist down, with amazingly tanned, toned legs and booties. These commercials actually made my roommate say, “Whoa, I want my legs to look like that!” (My roommate, by the way, has her own pair of amazingly tanned and toned legs to begin with.) I mean, just look at the print ad.  The lady is just walking her miniature dog and her legs are awesome!  The commercials are doing their job.

But I wonder if the shoes are as effective as the advertising. The athletic kicks garnered mixed reviews on amazon.com.  Some people loved them and saw a difference, some saw no difference but still thought they were cute. And they are - simple, colorful, and understated. I’m very tempted. I haven't worn Reeboks since junior high and I don’t know if they’re worth the $109 price tag, but if I see a pair on sale I might just take them for a test walk. Considering I’ll be spending most of the summer sitting on my bootie studying, this backside could probably use a little extra help!

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