Almost There

I just got back from a run.  I'm still on my training schedule for the 10K and before today the farthest I'd run was 3.5 miles.  The race is in 10 days and that 6-mile goal seemed so far away.  But today, I beat my personal best.  I set out to do the full 6 miles.  I knew I probably wouldn't be able to run all of it, but I wanted to see how long it would take and how much of it I could actually do.  It took me about an hour and ten minutes, which is not so good, but I ran about 5 of the 6 miles!!!  I was just shy of meeting the full 5 because I stopped to walk about 3 blocks.  Overall, I'm proud of this accomplishment.  My feet are blistered, my right hip is sore, and my quads are tight.  But I ran the farthest I've ever run and the 6-mile goal actually seems attainable now.  It's a good day so far.

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