Retouch Redux

Since crossing over to digital photography, I’ve been conflicted about post-shoot processing. At first, I shied away from it because it felt like cheating. Photography is about capturing a moment but also about capturing a moment you may have missed with the naked eye. I like to use my camera to see things differently, whether it be a different angle, different perspective, or different composition. As I explore other digital photos, I’m starting to realize that post-processing can be part of the artistry. When I worked in the darkroom, I would experiment with all kinds of techniques to bring out the essence of the image. Is digital processing really any different? If done well, the processing can truly enhance the image and highlight that which gives the shot character. It’s just another aspect of the photo’s personality. I think I'll open myself up to more experimentation with processing.  Of course, I will always strive to "get it right" the first time (i.e. when I take the picture), but sometimes editing can add that extra oomph to make the photo a keeper. 

View of San Francisco Bay on a sunny day.  It's nice, simple, and straightforward.
Here's the exact same shot with a little editing to highlight the depth in the sky and the ship in the bay.  I like how this also lends a timelessness to the photo.  It gives the impression that this could have been shot at any time period, because this particular view has probably been the same for a few decades.

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