Service Day

This weekend, we participated in an Alumni Service Day event.  Basically, we were gardeners for a day.  Our task was to save a bush that was literally being choked by ivy.  The vines of ivy were tangled throughout the branches of the bush and prevented the bush from receiving nutrients through the soil.  We were in charge of destroying the ivy.  We yanked it, chopped it, and dug it up.  I cannot even begin to tell you how satisfying it felt!  Though it was a strenuous three hours of work, I felt energized afterward.  Part of this was because the physical labor itself – what better way to release stress and frustration than yanking resistant plants by their roots?  But the other part was that I was doing something good for the community.  Pulling ivy may seem like a minor thing, but it had to be done.  With the economy being what it is, a number of city employees have lost jobs in various areas.  There is simply not enough manpower to properly tend to the grounds.  Our work may have lasted only a few hours, but the bush will continue to grow and thrive long after we’ve left the park. 

The bush, after we worked our magic (taken on an iPhone):


As we were leaving the park, a little girl bumped into me and lost her balloon.  It got stuck in the tree right near our bush:


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