Hint of Nostalgia

I realized today that I have approximately two months until graduation.  In four and a half months, I’ll be done with the bar and moving on to my new life as an actual (hopefully) attorney.  The nostalgia is beginning to set in.

I’ve had almost three years in this little town and I’m afraid I haven’t taken full advantage of what it has to offer.  I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve visited the year-round Farmer’s Market.  I noticed the Toad Tunnel for the first time just a few weeks ago.  And my twisted desire to hit an undergrad on a bike - just once, just to see what happens - has been replaced with an “Oh, how cute” feeling every time I see them. 

One thing about this town I’ve come to appreciate is the free-spirited hippie attitude.  I can’t help but smile every time I see the elementary school crossing guard, a bearded guy in his early 30s with waist-length hair, wandering around town barefoot even in cold, rainy February.  (In case you were wondering, he wears flip-flops when he’s actually working.)  And I love the bridge on the outskirts of town that is so covered in graffiti no one knows what color it originally was.  The “hippieness” of the town has allowed it to embrace the “local art.”  Layer upon layer of undergrads, high schoolers, and other locals itching to leave their mark on the world have found just the place.  The bridge proudly displays scribbles, art, and various sayings such as “Be creative” and “Life gets better.  Maybe." Though it is graffiti, and arguably an eye sore, the town would not dare paint over such overt showings of individual expression.

I’m leaving at the end of July, not because I’m sick of living here and ready for something new, but because the time has come.  My reason for being here will no longer exist.  Perhaps it’s better this way.  Ending on a high note will make it easier to look back fondly on this quaint, quirky town.

 Local graffiti

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