Hello, Spring

Spring?  Hey, Spring?  Is that you?  I hardly recognized you!  Where’ve you been the last few months?  We missed you, buddy!  It’s been awfully cold and rainy, and there have been some crazy snowstorms you just wouldn't believe since you left.  What’s that?  You’ve been in South America?  Well, nice of you to come back.  I’ve been squirreled away in my nest in that tree over there, just trying to keep warm and remember where I buried my nuts.  Then all this rain came and the mud made it hard to dig ‘em up again.  Hey, wait … where are you going?  Don’t you wanna hang around for a bit?  I’m getting sick of this fur coat.  I was hoping you’d bring your pal Sun with you and I could try on my new sundress for him.  No?  Not yet?  Oh.  I see.  Well … come back soon.  And next time, stay a bit longer, will ya?

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