Little Mario Finds a Mushroom

I’m no fool. I know there are approximately four people who read this. But in my mind, there are 400 … or 4,000. So for the remaining (invisible) 396 or 3996, I will explain the title.

It happened the summer after my first year of law school. I was a shell of the person I once was, with all my casebooks serving as horcruxes for my splintered soul. I decided that summer I would not turn down an invitation to revive my spirit – just say yes. With that motto in mind, I agreed to go on a hike in Middle Earth (a.k.a Northern California; a.k.a. NorCal). While on this hike, a few friends and I used what little breath we had to chat for a bit. We quickly realized that there was a distinct Super Mario Bros. analogy to law school.  Law school drains you. Any motivation you once had is channeled into studying and nothing else. You get mushy from lack of exercise. Your sole sustenance is Lean Cuisines and coffee. Your skin is pale, your hair is dry, and everyone, including your mother, thinks you look “tired.” Anything could hurt you at this point – even a turtle. And it was then The Big Mario Theory was born.  In essence, law school makes you Little Mario.

Now, perhaps I should explain this a bit more just in case you don’t see it. Little Mario is a puss. I mean seriously, how can you call yourself a man if a turtle can kill you? Little Mario needs his mushrooms. The mushrooms make him big and strong. The flashing stars of invincibility and fire power are even better. All these extras mean a stupid turtle can’t kill him so easily.

I quickly came to realize that focusing on any one thing in life will demote you to Little Mario. Balance is essential to success and, for Mario, mushrooms provide that balance. So I’m seeking out the mushrooms life has to offer. These can be different for anyone – cooking, running, photography, candle making (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it). The important thing is that you find your own mushrooms and stay Big Mario. So when I was thinking of a name for this little blog, Big Mario seemed appropriate. After all, the blog itself is kind of a Big Mario thing – why not call it what it is?

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