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In my effort to learn Italian, I signed up for Italian Word of the Day emails.  The utility of these emails is still up for debate.  Occasionally, the word is one worth knowing and the accompanying sentence is one I could work into conversation (“Il tempo non accenna a migliorare.” – “The weather shows no sign of improving.”)  But every now and then, the Word of the Day writer gets lazy.  Not too long ago, I received the following:

Translation: spaghetti

Um… really?  Who doesn’t know what spaghetti is?  And does it really translate to “spaghetti” or does it actually mean something?  My Italian-speaking boyfriend claims it means “many little strings.”  That makes more sense to me than "spaghetti = spaghetti."

To improve my extremely limited Italian vocabulary, I’m putting my own spin on Word of the Day.  Each Friday, I’ll choose a word – either randomly from my Italian dictionary (close eyes, point) or I’ll use the word from Word of the Day – and capture a photo that best illustrates the word.  It may be a photo I’ve taken previously or something I shoot specifically for that word.  Either way, it (hopefully) will help cement the word in this overcrowded brain. 

This week’s word is:  SGARGIANTE.  Translation:  gaudy, showy, flamboyant.


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  1. i love this photo, the processing is perfect.
    (from SS)


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